Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Blood hound within!

Lately my sniffer has been working overtime. I swear I was a blood hound in another life. Anyway...a long time ago at puppy school I made friends with a black French bulldog named Ozzie. Today, when me and Mom went over the the building manager's office, I KNOW I smelled Ozzie. I started sniffing away and then hunting all over for him. Finally Linda told Mom that she'd been baby-sitting my friend, Ozzie, this morning. Whew. For a while there I thought I was losing it.

Mom's sniffer has been working overtime, too, thanks to me and my little problem. Finally, as she was turning a darker shade of green, Terry offered to take me out. I did two piddles and a (ahem) "poodie". I don't do that for just anyone, you know. But I was very proud of myself for holding it for so long, and Terry even told me she was proud of me, too. Mom was just glad that she could concentrate on her work again without worrying about me leaving little tokens of my esteem someplace in the office. Not that I would...but she worries anyway.

I can tell if humans are sick, too. There's something about their scent that makes me take notice. I'm not too sure if I'm supposed to do something or not so I sort of do my dancing about 3 feet or so away from them, and I don't like them to touch me, even for belly rubs. Can you believe it? Humans get different smells when they're sick, or upset, or sad. Us pups can smell it and we react. That's one of the reasons I'm a therapy dog. If Mom get stressed I come over and she rubs my ears or my neck. Mmmmm. It does feel good, and it helps to relax her, too. Kind of a "win-win" situation, I think.

It's past my bed time. Sorry I could write sooner, Dear Diary. I work really long hours and sometimes it's a little hard to find the time. But here I am. :o)

G'night everyone...

From MEEEEE - Mary-Margaret

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