Friday, November 03, 2006

Full of Vinegar!!

That's what Mom said. Boy, I had energy today. All over the place. I also found out that not everybody enjoys my attention, if you get my drift? We had a client that I met when I was going down the hallway. He sort of made a funny face and backed up. HAH! (I thought!). Boy I sure scared him. I don't get that reaction from a lot of people so I rather enjoyed the moment.

When I came back from my little walk, he was still there. Far be it from me to pass up such an opportunity for bonding with a perfect stranger. So I started hopping up and down to get his attention. He turned a bit green, but I did get my ears rubbed a little. When I suggested the belly, though, he spoke (in broken English, I found out) "Enough!". OK...I can take a hint. So I backed up about four feet and lay down, chin on paws, just ogling him. I don't think I blinked once, but he sure squirmed. (hee hee) And to top it off I had another one of my lethal gas attacks. Even Mom and Sonia swooned a bit, but that client didn't say a word. And I just kept staring.

Mom said "Mary-Margaret, That's NOT nice!", but I held my ground. I kept it up until he left. Then I hopped up into his chair and pretended to be a client. When that got me no where, I hopped up onto the desk and just stretched out as if I really belonged there. One of these days I'll get my own desk, probably. I mean, they'll just HAVE to, won't they?

Tonight I ran about in the yard but came in when Mom asked me to. Then I got kind of crazy and just wanted to play "Catch me if you can". I won a few times, Mom won a few times. Then I guess I must have scratched Mom pretty hard, because she said "STOP!", and when I didn't I got swatted. HAH, again, didn't hurt anything but my feelings. So now I'm back on the desk in my home office with my head on my pink towel, pouting everly so slightly and peeking at Mom out of one eye.

I'm not REALLY in trouble but sometimes I just need a reminder. That's all. Everything is just fine. Honest!


Mary-Margaret "The Pill" O'Brien

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