Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Somewhere.....Out there.....

Sometimes I think I'm destined for something really special. Like maybe becoming a Calendar Dog? Or a model?
But then I realize that fame means compromise, and maybe even trade-offs. I can't imagine ever leaving Mom or moving to Hollywood or anything. Besides, I don't care much for people telling me what THEY think I should be doing. I do like writing. Maybe I'll be a writer some day. Maybe.....some day, some where......

Thoughtfully yours,


PS - No, I was NOT selected to appear in the Dogs With Blogs 2007 Calendar. Mom says that I might think of that omission to mean that another pup DID get the opportunity to be in it. And I wouldn't want to take that away from them, would I? Ahhhhh...being noble and unselfish doesn't come all that easily to me, but I'm trying.

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Tian-Shi said...

Yous are such a beautiful girl! I wish I coild take grace lessons from you. I often stand on my hind legs but getting back onto four is sometimes not as graceful as it should be. I fall of of furniture as well, especially the couch. mom thinks it has something to do with my sight. Whatever it is, I sure do wish I could be as graceful and lady like as you. peke sneezes, Tian-Shi