Thursday, November 09, 2006

Me and my BGF Star

We rassle all in good fun. And then we dance.
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Absolutely NOTHING is better than spending the afternoon on a play date with my most best girl friend, Star. Gosh, I had the BEST day ever.


PS Doin' the "Hokey Pokey". You put your left paw in, then your left paw out, then your left paw in and you shake it all about.


Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Gee mary margaret it looks loke you and Star are dancing. I like play dates.

Sarabi said...

Oh my! How fickle you are! And here all this time I thought I was your BGF. I think my feelings are a little hurt. (sniff) I think I'll go and overdose on some Charlee Bears. I don't even know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. This is just the worst day EVER. Oh where is my Mummy right now - I really think I need her!
Your 'ex' BGF

Sophia said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I wish I had play dates because I want to do the "hokey pokey" too!

Mary-Margaret said...

Well, GOSH, Sarabi. I have a lot of BGF's. Star is my local BGF but you are my NATIONAL BGF. I don't think I have any other BGF's in Arlington Heights. You are IT.

Love, Mary-Margaret
Everybody's BGF

Chiyo said...

you look very sweet with a pink bow! :) i want a BGF too. i'll have to start looking... gee, just when i was starting to look for a boyfriend too (after reading Miss Sunshade's blog about her 4 boyfriends) :p