Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Me and My BIG Mouth!

That will teach me. Never say I'm bored or Mom will start looking for something for me to do. Now she's looking into "working" Yorkies. She's finding out that we can track and rescue. I mean, like what? Haul in an airplane courtesy sized bottle of bourbon?? This is scary. She's even looking at tracking harnesses. Knowing her, next thing I'll be taking lessons. I'm SORRY! I wasn't BORED! Really.

We went to the bank today and the guy in line ahead of us was sick. So Debbie, the manager, says to Mom: "Be careful about touching the counter. He was sick". And she's using some hand disinfectant and gives Mom some, too. I was standing nicely on the counter top and Mom looks at me and next thing you know I'm getting my paws disinfected. I wrinkled up my nose and sneezed. Twice.

We get to the office and I threw up. Not much, but obviously something wasn't going down well. I hacked and coughed for a bit and then settled down into a comfy client chair where I spent most of the day snoozing. Some ditzy lady came into the office this afternoon and took a look at me and left, saying "I'm allergic to dogs. It's not worth it to apply for a job here". Well, good deal. I wouldn't want to work with her, either. I think she had dandruff.

Then me and Mom took a walk. I said "hello" to a few people, sniffed a few plants. Then these two...er.."mature" ladies came toward me. You know how much I like meeting people but something was off here. I started to bark at them, and I backed up. One lady reached out to touch me and I hid behind Mom's legs. After a bit of this, with Mom saying "Oh gosh, she's NEVER like this", one lady said that "Dogs know when someone is sick". Turns out she's got some sort of thing where her blood veins get infected and swollen and she's in a lot of pain. Maybe it's the medicine she's taking that I sense. Whatever. I just know I was NOT comfortable with them. Not one bit.

I slept some more this afternoon. Like it was kind of a lazy day. Only Mom gets all worried and calls the doctor. Huh? I get to see Dr. V? And Nicole? And Jennifer? And ...oh gosh...I just love everyone there. I start hopping around and I'm just so excited I can't STAND myself. Temperature - 102.3 - normal! Weight - 7.2 oz - down a few and normal. Tummy fine. Eyes fine. No fleas. Nothing. So I get my belly rubbed for a bit by Dr V and sent home.

One thing sort of bothered me? This little baby puppy, maybe 12 weeks, came in practically unconscious. His family said "Don't know WHAT's wrong. He was like that when we got home". But the tech comes back and says he doesn't think the little guy will make it. He's got internal bleeding, and his gums are really pale. That doesn't sound good. So...made me think that maybe somebody kicked him for having an accident. Mom thought so too. The family didn't seem all that concerned and Mom thought they were more worried about money than the baby's health. When we left Mom asked about the possibility of puppy abuse and the nurse sort of nodded. She said they see a fair amount of that. What I want to know is HOW CAN ANYONE ADOPT A PUPPY AND NOT LOVE THEM AND TAKE CARE OF THEM???? Even people babies take a while to get the drill down about where to poop. My gosh, there should be a Puppy Patrol or something. This is NOT right.

I am SO glad my mom and I got together. Oh gosh, what if I had gone home with someone else? Gives me shivers to think about it.

Dear Lord...please help that puppy get better? Please? And please watch out for good adoptive homes with families who will love their fur babies and not abuse them, ever.



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