Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturdaaaaaay! Wheee!

I got Mom up about 7:00AM this morning. Got right to the chin-licking part. Didn't want to mess around. I had some serious "out" to do. She made coffee and we decided to watch a Bill Murray movie. Can't remember the name of it, but there was a cat in it and a dog or two.

Now, I mention the cat because I have this knee-jerk reaction to cats, no matter WHERE they are. The absolute second I see a cat on the TV I take a flying leap from the back of the soft comfy leather chair, bounce once off the seat and then stop in front of TV set. Mom knows to move over a bit to the right so I don't land in her lap. In case Mom missed the cat, I immediately draw her attention to it. I "arf" at the TV, then race back to Mom, jump on her leg, then back to the TV. She finally says "Oh, good job, Mary-Margaret", so then I hop back up onto my favorite spot and we keep watching.

Dogs I can either point out or not. They're no big deal. But cats? Man....that's where I take charge and absolutely make sure Mom sees them. "Yes, that's a kitty!", she says. "Good job!", she says. So I know I'm doing my part.

I'm not sure what we're doing today. Maybe serving some papers. There's one that we keep going on that is waaaaaaaaaay far back in the hills. So far we haven't found our target, but we know there are a whole bunch of really big dogs that live there. I have to wait in the car on that one.

See ya later...


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