Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not that I'm complaining but.... know how some people (ahem? I said PEOPLE) do not take their pup seriously? Like, I know when I'm being patronized. "Oh yes...big kitty, Mary-Margaret", and "Good girl, Mary-Margaret", and "Oh, is Timmy in the well again?". And those certain people just say stuff to hear themselves talk and THEY ARE NOT LISTENING!!

For example, this morning I went out a few times on my morning sniff-a-thon. Sure...I was looking for cats but I haven't seen them for a while. I get to go for a few minutes at a time before Mom calls me back in. Then, I sit on the back of her chair where I can see most of the back yard. Woo hoo....I see something really interesting and I want to go out right then and there, but she's watching some stupid movie and just says "Uh huh...OK, Mary-Margaret!", and she doesn't move. So I hop up and down and try to take her hand in my mouth. Maybe if I DRAG her to the door she'll get the idea. Nope. She just laughs and "beeps" me on the end of my nose with her finger, and keeps on watching.

Fine, I say. So I hop up onto the couch and grab the remote. Darn thing has too many buttons, unlike the lamp on her desk that I can now turn on and off. Finally, in frustration, I chomp really hard on it and try to run off with it. "You get back here, Mary-Margaret! Give me that!", and she takes it away from me. Now I'm REALLY getting frustrated.

Finally, like all of a sudden it clicks with her. "Oh? You want to go out?", she says. Well, no duh! So she opens the glass slider and I go shooting through my little doggie door. By the time I get to the other side of the yard, whatever it is I wanted to see is gone. GRRRRRRR! It just makes me SOOOOOO mad.

I really like just standing there up against the wall and looking at the street below. I get to see joggers, and people walking dogs, and fire engines with sirens, and kids riding bikes. There's all kinds of really neat things to see when you're on a hill above a street. Except every time I'm out and Mom hears the tires squeal rubber, she thinks maybe I hopped the fence and she comes running. So I have to go in, whether I want to or not. People and PARENTS, especially moms, are SO uptight about squealy tires. I'm NOT going anywhere. I just want to see what's happening in my back yard.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Chiyo said...

i agree with you completely! when will humans pay attention and make the effort to understand what we're saying? i try and be nice and hint subtly but HM notices. then when i yell or paw she scolds me for being rude.