Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Grandparents on Mom's side

  Posted by Picasa Here's my Grandpa George. Sometimes I call him Grand Papa. He likes that. My mom took this picture at the RAND event yesterday. Isn't he handsome? Today is his birthday. He's eighty-six. Let's dog years...that would be 602. No? Oh...I have to divide. I cheat. I use Mom's calculator. OK...then it would be 12.29 years for a dog, which is about how old my Uncle Sneakers got to be. He and Uncle Sneakers have the same color of hair on their head, too. Grandpa looks pretty good for a twelve and a half year old, don'tcha think?? Posted by Picasa

This is my Grandma. She just has the most smoothest skin ever. My Mom says it's because she's been using Jafra cosmetics and creams for over 30 years. Even when she was in rehab my mom told her she had the prettiest legs she'd ever seen. I don't think my Grandma believed her, but then a bunch of other people told her that too. My mom sure hopes her skin looks like that when she's almost eighty-five years old.

This is my Grandpa. He takes really good care of my Grandma and he makes chicken soup out of a chicken like they did in the old days. My mom had a cup of broth and she said it was absolutely the best she ever had. Yum! My Grandpa is a very smart person. He invented something...oh...let me get this right was a......One Step Conversion of Atomic Energy into Electricity. It's called the The Fission Electric Cell Project. That was a long time ago like maybe 50 years ago. He also wrote a book (oh? not a book but it's just really big?) about how the universe was made. It's called something like "A Photon and Non-Photon Universe". I don't understand most of that except there are a lot of stars out there at night and they came from wherever my Grandpa says they did. "Big Bang" is just a theory, but my Grandpa knows where the universe REALLY came from.

OK...well, it's Sunday and just about time for "Desperate Housewives" to come on. Remember me in the old days? When I used to put on my "Desperate Housedogs" shirt to watch it? Too bad it doesn't fit me anymore.

Well, g'night all.



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Chiyo said...

oh my! your family is really cool! i'm sure i wouldn't understand your grandpa's book either but i wouldn't mind getting one just to have it autographed! my HM does research too, but nothing as cool, just stuff about cells and nerves :)