Thursday, November 02, 2006

Feelin' a bit punk today!

Dear Diary: This whole day just started out all wrong. I woke up before Mom did and threw up on her comforter. She just cuddled me and carried me to the bathroom in her sleep where she grabbed a towel and cleaned up after me. Then she went back to bed and snuggled me. This made me feel even worse, you know. The comforter was her really expensive silk (maybe or something that feels like it) one that she took TWO whole years to put on her bed because of her fear of dog barf.

Anyway. Getting past that, we get ready to go to the office. We stop by the bank on our way in and Marilyn, one of my favorite tellers, says to Mom: "What's the matter with Mary-Margaret? She doesn't look like she feels well today!". Mom says "Huh? You can tell"? and she says yes, she can and I just don't seem very perky today. So I laid my head down on Mom's shoulder and snuggled in. I guess I don't have to perform for the bank people today, which is good.

So then we get to work. I walk in and Sonia says "What's the matter with Mary-Margaret? Did she have too much Halloween candy?". Well, the truth is, I didn't get any. I just sniffed KitKat wrappers in the trash, so NOOOOO, I don't think THAT's the problem, but then no one asked me.

I slept most of the day, going out a couple of times and sniffing. But they're trimming the bushes and groundcover back, so it wasn't as much fun as usual. About the only time I really got excited was when Mom says "You want to go home, Mary-Margaret?". And then I raced down the hall and bumped right into Hector, the engineer who is Zeus's dad. Then Mom's phone rang and she ran back, and I sort hung around Hector a bit. Then he picked me up and took me back to Mom and said goodbye to me.

When I got home, I went outside to see if the cats were around but they weren't. Then Mom cut up my chicken and I walked right by it. Sort of like I wasn't even hungry. So then, I snuggled with Mom for a bit and then went and ate all my dinner and snuggled back some more. She told me if I didn't feel any better tomorrow I could go see Dr. V. I'm pretty tired anyway, so maybe a good night's sleep will do me some good. I'm using the pink dish towel for a pillow and am starting to doze off.

Catch you later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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mynameisboo said...

oh mary margaret, maybe just one of those days when we feel a little ill but not too sick that we need to see doc... few days ago, i vomited when nobody was around. i have to take care myself but sure glad to see mom home early!

wish you feel better today.

wet wet licks