Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Spa Day and MORE!

People were asking me if I fell into a puddle or something. My hair was all sort of rumpled looking. But it gets that way just before I visit my personal stylist, Miss Marilyn. Here's me waiting to go out a couple of days before I got all spiffed up.

And here's me with Miss Marilyn. Whew! I got my hair and nails done today. Oh, I just love going to Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa. She calls it something else....don't know what, I can't read her card, but she's always got cuddles for me and nice kids to play with.

Today, there were her three Maltese pups. Mom forgot their names and I couldn't write them down, so we're kinda stuck here. Maybe like Chelsea and Charlie and...oh, fooey! Well, then there was Bello (my most handsome boyfriend), and Tucker and Charger. Charger has one BLUE eye. How neat is that? He looks like maybe a Siberian Husky but he's only 13 weeks old and already he's twice as big as me

Terry started at the office today and she is everly so thoughtful. She even took me outside for a walk. I met up with Bob (the biscuit man) and he said "Oh, hello. Is that Mary-Margaret?". I think Terry was very impressed that I have lots of friends. Well, I do, you know. And I don't mind introducing her to all of them.

Debi came by with my good friend, Star, and we had a play-date. Star knows when she's coming to visit me and starts scratching at the car door to get out and come visit me way before Debi even parks. We tussle and play, then we hang out for a bit. Mom gave us both those yummy chicken chewies from my Aunt Vicki, and we both munched on those for a while. I let Star take hers home, too. She said "thank you" but it sounded a bit different. Kind of like "wuuurf". I knew what she meant.

OK...we have pictures again. Mom will try to load them on later when we get home. I'm still at the office and really getting very ready to leave. Come ON, MOM!!! Please???

Catch you later, Dear Diary.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Hobbit and Boomer said...

Mary-Margaret, that sounds like so much fun!! I don't get to go to a place like that, my mom does my bath and haircuts herself. I get to swim in the bathtub though!! Mom fills the bathtub up to almost full and I get to go swimming, so that's kinda fun. Glad you had a fun time!! And you have so many friends, that's really neat!

Hugz, slurps and snuggles,
Love Boomer