Saturday, November 25, 2006

Follow the Leader

  Posted by Picasa This is like our most FAVORITE thing to do. We cover absolutely every little piece of our yard. Sometimes I follow Uncle Rudy and sometimes he follows me. We have everly SOOO much fun.

I can't wait to see my Uncle Rudy again. Oh, and the kids and Auntie C and Jason too, of course. They are my FAMILY!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret


Tian-Shi said...

Your Thanksgiving sure looked yummy! I sure would have loved to help you with all those leftovers, althoigh I got to eat plenty at my house as well. It mush have been fun with your Uncle Rusty playing in the yard. I still can't figgure out how to use a dog door, so 2 days wasn't that slow to learn. I sometimes wont even go through an open door because I think there may actually be a glass door there :) I hope you had a great anniversary! Peke sneezes, Tian-Shi

Tian-Shi said...

Hi, my sight is not the best right now, but i had a problem with doors before that happened. i had lived in a tiny cage in a shed at a puppymill untill almost two months ago. i had never really seen a door before. Im getting much better at it though. i sure am glad to be your pen pal. peke sneezes, Tian-Shi