Monday, November 06, 2006

Me and Mom's Bag Man

The "Bag Man", John, came by today and dropped off the pouch. Of course, I looked to see if there was anything for me and there wasn't. Darn. So I got this idea. Maybe I'll just go with the Bag Man tonight and he can bring me back home tomorrow? Maybe? Hmmmph. I got about half-way down the hall when he stopped and started to let me inside the pick up bag and Mom came rushing out. "You get OUTTA there, Mary-Margaret!". She's absolutely no fun at all.

Earlier I got a box from the UPS lady. Now that WAS for me. Mom ordered me an Outward Hound sling carrier. It's pretty neat. She says it's easier to put me into than my front carrier and...well, between you and me? I get more wiggle room in this sling thing.

We have a new person starting on Wednesday. Her name is Terry and she's going to work three days a week. Mom and Sonia think everybody in the office should work part time and spend the rest of the time either taking trips or doing stuff with their family. Terry thinks so, too. So it works out fine for everyone. Sonia told Mom to start taking Fridays off and that would give her a three-day weekend. Sonia gets Mondays and Wednesdays off, and Terry gets Tuesdays and Thursdays off. Works fine for me, too.

I've got way too much energy, Mom says. I'm all over the place and even having races with my babies. I always win so there's not much of a challenge there. I need to get out more. Maybe Puppy School once in a while. I know those new kids need someone to mentor them. That would be MEEEEEE! I'm good at that.

OK...time for bed.

G'night all.

MM <--- that's my nickname

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