Friday, October 06, 2006


Up up up (yawn) and make coffee. Run a cat or two. Hurry hurry....don't be late. Mom has to leave for doctor appointment at 1:00PM, which means get work done, take me home and drive to Riverside. Running late, so I get tossed inside the house and off she goes. Well, SOMEONE forgot to tell her that her eyes were going to be dilated and she would be blind as a bat for a couple of hours. Probably a good thing I wasn't with her on her way back. Sheesh....even with dark glasses, she was lucky to see the yellow line in the middle of the road.

Cake is gone - Fidel had a huge piece, and Melanie finished it off. was good going down, but not a good choice for me. The snack vending lady gave me a St Bernard size doggie biscuit. About noon, the rent-a-cops were going up and down the street with their megaphones telling everyone to move their cars or they'd be towed. How rude...and we are in a business district. But every so often there are "Rod Runs" and the macho guys get out their toys and show off. And everything else grinds to a halt. We can't even GET to our office on days like that, so might as well close up and go home. Sort of an enforced early closing?

That's about it for today. I'm ready for WEEKEND. Yayyy

Love, Mary-Margaret

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