Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Break time!

Really, I work hard. I'm the back up receptionist and when Sonia isn't here, someone (ahem?) has to greet the clients. This is a picture of me taking a little break from my responsibilities.

OOOOOOHHHHH! (hee hee) Sarabi can't have rawhide anymore so her mum was looking for a substitute? And one of my yorkie pals suggested Bully Sticks but I never heard of that. So I got my mom to click on the link. After I got done blushing and revived Mom, I got to thinking. I guess there truly is a use for everything. Really there is. Think of the fertilizer king, Bandini? Well, I wonder what you'd call the guy who figured out what to do with these? Hmmmmmm?

I got a pouch from Auntie Leslie today with a nifty surprise .... And a letter. When I get home, Mom'll download the pictures and you can see exactly what I thought of her letter. (I LOVE you, Auntie Leslie!!).

Kisses and licks...


1 comment:

Chiyo said...

oh dear! i just went to your links for the bully sticks, and eeew! i chew those too! and i used to love the braided ones... to think they're 3 rolled into 1!!! i am not touching those again, thanks for letting us know :p