Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I didn't know the pen was loaded!

Well? It was just laying there on the floor and someone had to pick it up...why not MEEEEEE???

So I'm pretty quiet and Mom checks me out to see why. Good gosh, you'd think she saw another spider or something. Next thing I know she's picked me up and she's holding me far away from her with one hand while she calls my doctor with the other. All I did was chew on the cartridge until some soupy black stuff comes squirting out. Yick! Black ink doesn't really TASTE all the good, but it's fun to smear on your feet and make little black footprints all over the plastic chair mats and the blue office carpet. Sonia pretty much got it off one of the mats, and Mom says she's bringing Resolve to the office tomorrow. I don't think she means her attitude, either.

You can get an idea of my artwork from the picture. See all the little spots on the carpet and on the mat? And this was AFTER they'd cleaned up. Well, I got home and didn't even touch the floor before Mom turned on the faucet and next thing you know I got a mini-bath. She thinks she got all the ink out. I hope so. I wouldn't want to see what would happen to MEEEEE if I messed up her white carpet.

Now you know...my afternoon was entertaining, but I kinda got into some trouble. So far, she's not speaking to me. I hope I don't get grounded or anything.

(paws crossed)

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Black Foot Tribal Member
(newly initiated)

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MJ's doghouse said...

wow your mama should have used some savy and had you do a paw painting on paper and sold it on ebay for millions...sometimes mommies just dont think....