Friday, October 20, 2006

We are Busy Busy Busy!

For the past few weeks Mom was noticing that work was pretty slow. It's NEVER been this slow in October for as long as she can remember. Even my pouch was empty half the time. But this week it's like everyone wants stuff done NOW, if not sooner. She's getting a bit overwhelmed, and I play it safe by staying out of her way.

We've even had to turn work down because we don't have enough people to do it. So mostly today, I just entertained myself. I waited a couple of hours before flipping my water bowl over. Usually, I do it within the first five minutes, but I felt like dragging it out. I went through a few wastebaskets looking for granola bar wrappers, and had some success. Mostly I just napped until it was time to go.

I know....boring boring boring. Sorry, y'all. But that's just the way it was today. And we have to work all weekend to catch up. That doesn't seem fair, but thats the way things go, you know?

Mom's starting to nod off and I'm pretty much useless, too. We'll talk more later, dear Diary.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Freda said...

Hey Mary-Margaret,

What's that WORK thingy? My humans USE TO work. Now they paint, garden, taste things, travel and stuff. And of course, take care of me and type my barkin's on my blog.

I know you're a BIG help for your mom. Helpin' recycle the trash and stuff. Keep up the good WORK.