Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hello! I'm a "CAT"-a-holic!

Oh gawd....I confess. I AM obsessed. I need help. First off, I get left alone while Mom goes out to breakfast. Then, we go work work work. It's way after billing day and we've got to get those bills out. I am very "respectful", keeping in mind Mom's comment yesterday. I'm quiet, only barking "Hello!" at Peanut Page, the attorney's chihuahua. OK...and maybe I flipped on my back a few times for Peanut and we kissed each other a bit, but that doesn't make me cheap.

We get home, I go out and race around, clearing the yard of cats and letting everyone in the neighborhood know I'm baaa-aaack! Then, Mom calls me in for dinner and I inhale it. Then I go back out, do my doggie duties, and come back in for "Desperate Housewives" (we get the East Coast feed at 6:00PM).

I'm just laying there on the back of the big comfy leather chair and I see this CAT .(gasp)..IN MY YARD...cruising around with no thought to it being MY territory. It was hopping on it's hind legs, playing know, what CATS do. Then another cat appears on the very top of the cedar fence. It lays there and tells the younger cat to jump up. I am going crazy. Oh please please LET ME OUT, but Mom says "No, Mary-Margaret! No more!". The young cat leaps onto a fence post and shimmies up to the top. Now they BOTH just lay there, LOOKING at me...helplessly, foolishly barking my head off. I feel so ashamed.

I run over to the slider and I'm arfing and crying and scratching on the glass, and she will NOT let me out. I run in circles...first to her, then the glass ... then back to Mom .. then to the glass. I'm hysterical. But Mom says "No. You may NOT go outside!". It's like a knife to my heart. Finally, I go and hop up on her and then I go to bounce off her stomach back to the floor, but she catches my foot and we struggle. Of course, she wins. I get put on a "time out" (see my Puppy School days for a description of a "time out"). now, I am sobbing. This is SOOOOO NOT FAIR.

I'm crushed, and my spirit is dampened, and my heart hurts from the sadness. All I want is a CAT, and I'm being asked to quit "cold turkey"? Is that reasonable, I ask YOUUUU????

I'm dictating this from my scrunched up pile of dish towels under the desk lamp where I'm trying to go to sleep in the hopes that this day will soon pass. My eyes are half open and my breathing is still steady. I haven't broken into sweats yet, but I'm sure that would be next except I've heard dogs don't perspire. I keep thinking "Cats cats cats and MORE cats". It's so painful. (sigh)

One day at a time, I keep telling myself. As of about 9:00PM tonight I will be cat-free for almost 24 hours.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Sarabi said...

Hi Mary-Margaret,
I guess my 'Mum' told you about my latest drama. It was really scary, but I'm alright now and I just wanted to thank everyone in the Prayer Circle.
I'm back to chasing the rabbits in my backyard - I don't have any cats, just rabbits. They drive me crazy.
Anyway, Mum says no more rawhide bones for me, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. I love chewing my rawhide bone at night, and I was pretty miserable last night without it. I begged Mum but she just wouldn't relent even when I promised her not to choke again!
If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know.

Dachsies Rule said...


We heard that recognizing the addiction is the first step in overcoming it. We know it will be difficult and you will have to work at it every day, but we support you, no matter what.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Sarabi - One of my Yorkie list buddies, Abbey Mia, suggested a "Bully Stick". I am such an innocent. I had no idea what those were and had to ask.
BULLY STICK Oh boy! hee's going to take absolutely forEVERRRRRR to get that picture out of my mind. But Abbey Mia says they're good for a couple of hours of good chewing. I'll think on it.