Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Massage Therapist, Mrs. Lillard

Ahhhhh...this lady knows what I like. After yesterday, I sure needed something. I suppose I could have relaxed when I had my foot bath last night, but I was still pretty upset about my art work being washed off the floor mats. That took a lot of effort to make such a pretty pattern, but I guess I'm just not appreciated in some ways.
Sooo...I'm kicking back thinking more spiders or ink pens. What's left? I ask you? And Mrs. Lillard comes in. Well, you KNOW she's one of my most favorite clients. And I hopped up into her lap and right away I get a massage. Ohhhh boy. She is really REALLY good at that. MMMMMMM!

I absolutely LOVE Mrs. Lillard and she can take me home with her anytime she wants. Really she can. I tried everly so hard to go with her today but as soon as we got to the door next to the elevator I got a bit choked up. I mean, I love my mom, too, and I don't think she'd be very happy if I left. Mrs. Lillard smiled at me and picked me up. As soon as I saw Mom, I started reaching for her. Yeah....I think I'll stay home for a while longer.

Love and kisses..

Mary Margaret O'Brien

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