Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mothers can be a pain

I just don't know what's going on. I can't seem to get along with my Mom today. She says I'm an incorrigible (whatever that means) teenager. So, I can't help it. I don't need to be told what to do. I want to chase cats. She says I have a weird obsession. I do NOT. I don't even have a toy box, and Lord knows I have no obsessions, valuable OR weird.

So there are these cats on the downslope. Whenever I look over the wall I can SEEEEEE them. Little eyeballs staring back. So I bark...just saying hello, mind you. And this goes on for a bit. Then Mom goes "Suppertime, Mary-Margaret", and I go inside, wolf it down and race back out to play again. I do this for a while, then Mom says "Mary-Margaret! Time to come in!". Thing is, I don't WANT to.

She does all her tricks, like slamming the garage door, saying "chicken" in a sugary voice, and "Charlee Bears", but I do NOT want to come in. She comes out after me and I duck through her legs, racing up the slope and down the slope. I'm having the best time ever. And she pulls a new trick out of her bag.

She goes out into the garage, and then out the side door. She turns her back to me and says, pretty loudly "Oh, my. What do we have HERE, Mary-Margaret? Trash cans? And what's in them, I wonder?". OK...she's got my attention. I wander over and she says "Oh, good girl". And the next thing you know, I'm in the garage with her, and the side door is shut.

She opens the door into the kitchen, but ...hee hee...she forgot to close the slider over my doggie door. I go in and whoosh right back out again. "YOU STOP THAT, MARY-MARGARET", she says. So we go through the whole routine with the trash again. Yes...I admit it. I fell for it again. Only THIS time, she remembers to close my doggie door and I am TRAPPED. I sulk a bit, but she makes up to me with a Charlee Bear. Only I have to "sit", "stay", "down" know the drill. I don't mind, but it's an "alpha" thing. I like having the last word.

So then she says I don't respect her. I DOOOOO! I really do, but she thinks just because I use her to climb on the back of the chair, and find her stomach rather springy to leap off on the way down...I would think that might be a compliment? But NOOOOOOO. She just says "Ow ow ow, Mary-Margaret. You STOP that!".

So you can see, it's been that kind of day. Even earlier when we were at the office, and I was trying to get her attention by standing between her knees and scratching her stomach, it was "OW OW OW". Then she decided to clamp my head between her knees like a vise. I STILL have a headache from that one.

OK...rant over. I'm sure things will be fine in the morning. I know she doesn't think so sometimes, but I really DO love her. I just need to express myself, you know?

Love, Mary-Margaret

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