Saturday, October 21, 2006


You already know how much I love to help Mom clean the bird cage, right? Do you know why? Hmmmmmm??
Like maybe I'm sort of hoping for a little something to come my way? Like a sunflower seed, a dried date or a peanut? Maybe even a little bird brother or sister to "kiss"?? I wait.....and I wait! (But hee hee... I have a secret!)
She says "Mary-Margaret, you stay OUT of the trash bag!". Uh huh....I know all that, and I also know that if she doesn't see me I won't get in trouble. So she goes and washes out the bird's water cups and when she comes back, I'm just sitting there....deet de doooo...... And then she says..."You hold still, Mary-Margaret. I want this for evidence". Always the investigator, she is, but I know I'm clean. Er.....right? Oh, drat!! Got one caught on my right eyebrow and I missed it. Darn darn darn!! Double click on the last picture to see it really good. But it was fun to try and maybe NEXT time, I'll get all the way inside before I get caught. Don't know what it IS about birdy poop papers that fascinates me so!


Mary-Margaret "Birdy Lou II" O'Brien

(PS - My Auntie C is "Birdy Lou from Kalamazoo" already, so I have to be Birdy Lou II)

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