Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Special Courier Bag

Me and my Auntie Leslie have a special pouch that we can send stuff to each other in. I thought she didn't love me anymore, especially 'cause she thinks I don't like cats. You know, she has so many cats and raccoons, I don't even think SHE knows how many she has. Oh, and she has a bunny...who eats computer cables. But, still, she loves it.
So first, you see my new squeaky piggy. I LOVE my piggy. I drag it around by the nose. I'm sure I can find room for it in my bed. Probably. If I skootch a couple of my babies over a bit.

Aunt Leslie sent me a letter, too. It said "Please leave the cats alone" (or something like that). I can't remember exactly. I got carried away shredding it, and I guess you could say, I truly digested her words. I know Mom got a picture of it when I was finished, but maybe she needs to delete some stuff from her phone because it didn't get here. Maybe tomorrow.

Thank you, Auntie Leslie. XOXOXOX to you, too! (lick lick)

Love, Mary-Margaret "I LOVE CATS" O'Brien

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