Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Itsy Bitsy Spider....

...was crawling across the carpet at work. Well, naturally I would want to check him out, so I followed it. It ran faster, and I kept my nose was right on it's tail. So I'm having this really good time, see? And so guess what happens next? Hmmmmmm?

My Mom says "Whatcha doin', Mary-Margaret"? Then she says, "What IS that, Mary-Margaret"?. And THEN she says "AAAAAAAAAACK....NO NO NO NO NO" and she races over and she lifts up her foot and then she STOMPS it. "Ugh", she says. And she goes and gets a napkin and picks it up, all squishy, and says "Eeeyeeew....a Black Widow". Now I don't know how she can tell that this spider is a lady, or that her husband is dead, but that spider was all dressed up in black wearing a red vest. I thought it looked rather interesting.

Oh...and I forgot to tell you. We're driving down Jefferson earlier to go serve an attorney with some papers, 'cause he called and said he'd be there for a couple of hours (we see him all the time), and I look over and there's my friend, Rick the Locksmith. He's waving at me so I start hopping up and down in my car seat and talking to him like "Aroo...Aroo" and waving at him. Mom gets up to the signal and says (as usual) "What ARE YOU DOING, Mary-Margaret?". And then she sees Rick and rolls the window down for me. Well, he seemed so surprised that I remembered him and we passed a few words back and forth until the signal changed. He's such a nice man. He and I are really good friends ever since he changed our locks. He even waved and said "Good Bye, Mary-Margaret!".

So after we serve the attorney we go to "Farmer Boy" and Mom gets a double cheeseburger, and I get "one hamburger patty, neat". Then we go back to the office for lunch. This was actually BEFORE I met the spider, but I get sidetracked at times.

All in all, it was one of my better days. I don't think Mom feels the same way, though. I heard her mumbling something about the "client from hell" and slamming down the phone a couple of times. I hope her day is better tomorrow.

Love, Mary-Margaret "Spidergirl" O'Brien

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