Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Banner isn't working

This morning I noticed it was missing from my blog. It's still gone, so Mom wrote to Alan, the nice man in the UK who made my banner, and asked him if he'd check on it. It was linked to a site on "" and it might be down. Oh, listen to me. I just repeat what Mom says. I don't know a thing about computers or anything. Except I feel very safe if I'm napping on Mom's desk right next to the keyboard. I've pretty much learned which keys not to push, because her computer resets itself if I do. You don't wanna hear what my mom says when I push those buttons.

Today, I got left alone for about 4 hours. I handled it well. Just hung out and watched for cats. Then hung out some more, watched "Sounder" with Mom. Pretty neat movie about a sharecropper family and their dog and their life back in the 1930s. I have NO idea when that was. Dogs, as you probably noticed, don't have a real keen sensation of the passing of time. Unless we're clock watchers, which I am. I always know when it's 5:00PM and time to go home. I go and tell mom by standing between her knees and pawing at her tummy. She hates that. (hee hee) If I do it long enough, she gives up and we go home. She says "ouch" a lot, so I know it probably hurts a little. OWWW! OK...A LOT! (she made me say that!)

Tomorrow is Columbus Day so banks, and schools and courts are closed. Mom is sort of closed too, but she'll probably sneak us in after lunch to do some catch up. She says I need a toybox for all my stuff. Maybe we'll go and get one? I do tend to leave evidence of my existence all over the office, so you can't even take a couple of steps without dodging one of my toys. Last week, Sonia was tippy-toeing around my toys and ended up stepping in my water bowl. My FULL water bowl, I might add. No big deal on the carpet. It dries fast. But it took her a bit to get the water out of her shoe. I make sure no one forgets my presence. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Keesiemumssis said...

Hi MM,I was wondering where your banner was..Thought it might be my computer..
Hope you get it fixed real soon...
It's so cute...