Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mary-Margaret, "Fairy Princess"

Oh gosh! I couldn't WAIT to get dressed up. Mom helped me get my costume on and ....oh rats, guess what? I'm only a "small", not a "medium", so we had to pin my dress up. And my hat? We had to double the strap twice through the loops. But the result was pretty good.

See? This is MEEEEEE in my Halloween costume. My first ever Halloween. How do I look? I'm in my car seat on the way to work and even though Mom took some other pictures, I couldn't wait to share with you. Good thing, I might add.

After going to the bank and showing my costume off, we got to the office and I got so tired of tripping over my skirt, and of the hat falling over my eyes, that I just decided to get undressed. Yup. Right then and there, off it came. It's laying sort of on and off the bottom shelf of the etagiere (bookshelf) so at least our customers will know we celebrate Halloween.

Trick or treat?

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen Fairy Princess! We just got home from trick-or-treating and it was oh so much fun! I (hallie) was a cheerleader and my brother SImon was a fisherman. Isn't Halloween so much fun?


Simon Scary Samuel
Hallie "Go Team" Ann