Friday, October 20, 2006

Chilly Nights and Silky Comforters

One thing I REALLY like about the weather is that it's a bit nippy at night. Mom's got a silk comforter (or it looks and feels like silk - can't tell these days) which is everly so soft. Sooooo...instead of burrowing under the covers and cuddling with Mom like I used to, I get under the flap of the comforter. It's sooooooooooooo cozy and tickles my nose, and feels soooo good on my toes.
But the absolute truth, if you want to know, is that I can sleep just about anywhere. Like here's me on Mom's desk at night before we go to bed. She had folded some dish towels and I figured, oh what the heck...they look comfy. So I skootched them up together to make a nest and next thing you know, I'm out like a light.
Here's me, ready to leave for work after a really good night's sleep.


Mary Margaret "Snork" O'Brien

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Anonymous said...

Mary-Margaret you are so pretty! We are so happy we are friends.

Love, Simon & Hallie