Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Savings OVERRRR!!

Got to sleep in an extra hour - sort of. We went to bed early and woke up at the usual time except it was an hour earlier. Got it? Oh, well. (yawn) So I went out and checked for cats. All clear. Reported back to headquarters "No cats". The Officer in Command (Mom) said she was going out for a bit and would be back later, and to "Babysit the birds and take phone messages!". I babysat pretty well, and the phone didn't ring, so I did a good job.

Then we piled into the car and went to work. Mom did, anyway. I crawled into my office bed for a snooze. Babysitting can be tiring. Peanut Page's mom and human sister came to the office so I said "Hello!". Peanut stayed home today. We came home, had lunch and shared some cashews. Although the way Mom shares is like ten for her, one for me. It's ok, though. I hear cashews are fattening. (hee hee)

Going to go watch some scary sci-fi movie and then "Desperate Housewives". It IS SUNDAAAAAY! Hope you all had a good weekend. Only two more days to Halloween.


Mary-Margaret "Boo!" O'Brien

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Chiyo said...

hi mary-margaret! good choice you made there! cashews are so much nicer to eat than peanuts :) i will only eat peanuts when HM removes the shell PLUS the skin for me. or else i will spit it out again and demand new ones :)