Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oleanders are bad news...

..or so I'm told. This morning while I was doing my early morning sniffathon in the back yard I noticed a really pretty flower just laying there. The next door neighbor has these trees with red flowers on them, and I was thinking that might be a nice present for Mom. So I fiddled around with it and got it somewhat loose from the spider web it was entangled with, and marched right back into the house with the flower dangling off my chin hairs from the spider web.

All of a sudden I didn't feel so hot. I went upstairs to find a ray of sunshine to lay in, and just stretched out. Then I started urping a bit. Then, oh wow. I threw up. No red flower or anything nasty, but Mom kept an eye on me, saying stuff like "Oh, poor Mary-Margaret, are you feeling a bit punk today?". I even threw up on her new comforter. She just rolled her eyes and told me that she'd waited two years to put it on her bed because she was worried about dog-barf, and finally loosened up about it last month, and here I go and I'm her worst nightmare. She didn't tell me about the "nightmare" part because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. Anyway, I think she got it all mopped up ok.

Then, she takes me into the bathroom and gives me a fresh bowl of water, and washes my face with a cool cloth. I have to admit that I liked the attention, but I also think I'll stay away from pretty red flowers from now on.

I played with my piggy a lot today. Mrs. Mercer came by with some work and hurried through it so she'd have time to play with me. She liked my piggy, too. It's my most favorite toy now. I put it in my bed and had a nap today with all my babies and toys. I'm a pretty lucky little girl, I think.

Miss Patti came to see me (not the groomer, but the court lady) and we had a good time visiting. A couple of other clients came by, too. Mom says she thinks they come to see me more than her. She's silly. We each have a job to do. Mine is to keep people mellow, and hers is to take away the burden of their problems. It works.

OK...time for bed. G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Therapy Dog

PS - Mom's trying to decide on the color of my vest. At the airport, they said I should be wearing yellow, but I kind of like the blue. Any suggestions?


Auntie Allie said...

Goodness sakes MM! Oleanders are VERY toxic! Don't even think of touching one again! tsk tsk Better to just chase cats :)

Auntie Allie in Kona

Dee Davis said...

Mary Margaret,so sorry about you not feeling well tonight.
Hope tomorrow is better.
Your mom will forgive you for the comforter,she just wants you well.
I think the blue one would be very nice.
Feel better little one.
Love ya

Chiyo said...

oh poor you! i puked up today too, HM says it's punishment for eating the eye of my Mr Seal. i hope you feel alright real quick :)