Monday, October 30, 2006


Today was Mom's facial at "Bellissima!", Miss Cathleen's shop. She's been looking forward to it all week. Miss Cathleen takes such good care of her and she kinda relaxes so much I can't tell if she's alive or not. We got there early so I spent time getting to know Crystal, another one of Miss Cathleen's clients, before we went into the little dark room with the nice smells.
Here's me waiting for Mom to go home. See how much of a lady I am? Chairs are for clients and I figure I'm not only a client but a special friend, too. Today, I was so everly quiet that Miss Cathleen kept checking on me to see what I was doing. After she was done with Mom, I got my walk. She says I run really fast and made her do four whole laps in the parking lot.

Tonight, I'm really tired. I'm on the desk under the desk lamp. It's kind of bright and I've figured out how to turn it off. I just lean on the little button and "poof", it's all dark. I doze off and then my tummy gurgles and wakes me up. Every so often Mom sniffs and says " you have to go out?", but I just roll over and skootch myself into another position. I really don't have to do anything at all except sleep right now. She'll live through it. She's had a lot of practice, thanks to me, and I tell YOUUUU! Odiferous smells do NOT cause permanent brain damage nor cause one's nostrils to wither and die.

Fragrant regards,



Chiyo said...

you sit really dainty like a lady too mary-margaret! my HM does her facials herself at home, and it's disgusting to see her face covered with green mud and all that goo. did you see what was on your mom's face? :)

today my stomach was making funny noises the whole morning too, but thank god there wasn't any smell :)


Mary-Margaret said...

I can't see very well. Mom's up on a table and I'm either on the floor or on my special stool. Lots of gooey stuff, and an Ice pack type of thing. And this really bright light. All the stuff smells really good. :o)