Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Cabazon Fire

Mom won't let me go outside. The fire is probably 30 or 40 miles away but the air is really thick with smoke. We accidently left our sun roof open and the inside of our car had pieces of ash all over.

So far, four firemen and one Yorkie have died, but that's all I know right now. Lots of things are burned up, and it makes me really sad for all the little animals, and the children and families of the brave firemen. This picture is looking directly into the sun which is setting in the west behind the hills of De Luz, only a mile away. You can barely see the hills.

Prayer group? Please please pray for all the creatures that this fire will affect? All this happened because some kids thought it would be fun to start a fire. An animal would never do this....only a human.

Sadly yours,



MJ's doghouse said...

oh mary margaret..we will pray for all of stay safe now...and listen to your mommy...

Chiyo said...

oh mary margaret, i hope things will be ok soon! a couple of years back there was a california fire and my mom was in san diego and the fire got to just 10 miles away from where she was... hope the smoke and all that ash isn't affecting you or your mom.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Stay safe M-M, and look after your mum. We all have our paws crossed that the fire will come under contol real soon, and that all the creatures will be safe.
Take care,


Mary-Margaret said...

Thank you, everybody. The wind died down some last night so I could go out this morning. It's still pretty smoky in the sky and it smells pretty bad, but at least I could go sniffing this morning without coughing.

I absolutely agree with so many of my friends that who ever DID this should be made to suffer what he made others suffer. Too bad burning at the stake isn't allowed any more, don't you think?

Shannon said...

I'm very sorry 'bout the wild fires and hope that you and your mom and all your friends are safe from the flames.
While I do agree that whatever STUPID human set this fire, I don't think that ANYONE deserves to be burned at the stake. (Hey I'm canadian and anti capital punishment).
My thoughts are with the families of the fire fighters that perished as well as all the other victims of this horrendous fire.

All the best to you MM