Monday, October 23, 2006

Yanking Mom's Chain

Ohhhhhhhhhh....LOL....I get such a kick out of yanking her chain. Making Mom crazy. Honest! She's such an easy mark.

First off, I have to tell you that I was absolutely perfect today. I slept in, got up, ate some bird seed and threw up, went outside to visit my friends (the Cat Family), and was everly so good all day long. I was so good, I couldn't stand myself.

After dinner, just before the Bachelor comes on, which me and Mom watch, I finally got to go outside. Of course I raced up the hill, arfing (friendly like...I'm not a mean dog, Auntie Leslie) and after a bit, Mom says "Come on in". Hah, I said. She says "Bedtime", and I keep going. She says "Charlee Bear", then she does the door slam thing, then the garage thing, then the trash can thing. Nothing inspired me to alter my course. Except one thing.

It gets reeeeeeaaalllly quiet. Then I hear her say in a very calm voice: "Mary-Margaret! Come!", and that's it. Huh? I look at her and there she is, just standing on the walkway looking right at me. I flit around for a sec....still nothing. She's like a statue, glaring me down. Oh fine, I think. She's really serious! So I walk (not run, mind you, but walk) right to her. I get about 6 feet away and stop. She says "Good girl. Come in now!". So I did, and guess what? I get rewarded with a Charlee Bear.

I think it's just a communication thing. I like to play, and let's face it. She's not as young as she used to be. But you know what I did? Hmmmmm? I went straight upstairs and waited for her. Then, when we settled down to watch Lorenzo Borghese and his potential brides to be, I got real lovey-dovey. Oh gosh, I just wanted to kiss my Mom all over. You know she's ticklish on the bottom of her feet? She goes "eeeyeewww, Mary-Margaret!", but I just switch feet. She hides them under the covers, but I burrow under like a gopher and get right to it. Then I play with her hands. I chomp on her thumbs and fingers, gently of course. She hides them under her back, and I scratch her sides to get at them. I grab her hand and try to pull her with me. Sometimes, I just FEEEEEEEL the love and I can't hold back. You know what I mean? (PS - I also had to go some serious "out", but ended up using the piddle pad in my private bathroom. maybe it was 50% love and 50% desperation? But if she thinks all that was "love", I'm not going to burst her bubble!)

After a bit of that, I curl up in the comforter and watch the "ladies" embarrass themselves all over Lorenzo. Hmmmmph! He can't even speak Italian, but he seems like a really nice guy. Mom and me pretty much agree that it should either be Jennifer or Sadie. Good riddance to that Desiree person.

OK...that's it for tonight. Just wanted to share that I had the warm-fuzzies tonight, and I think I need to set my Auntie Leslie straight. I DO sort of like Cats. Even my cousin Mo is a cat, and my cousin Jack. It's just a game. Sort of like tag or hide-n-seek. I just like to WIN sometimes, you know??

Peace! Love! God bless us all!

Mary-Margaret "Feel the Love" O'Brien


Shannon said...

Ohhh Games.

I love playing games Mary Margaret. So whats wrong with playing games with the cats? It is like cat-a-seek.


Sarabi said...

Mary-Margaret, I 'feel' the love! I think you and I are kindred spirits. 'Mum' and I watched Lorenzo and the ladies last night too, while Dad watched the football game. We think Lorenzo's really into Sadie. We agree with you about Desiree, we're glad she's gone.
Thanks for the info you sent me earlier.