Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dear Auntie Vicki and others:

I'm very sorry I didn't write in my diary yesterday. I was tired. Mom was brain dead. And the birds don't know how to spell, but they're pretty good at pecking. Anyways, nothing of great import happened. We made coffee, did some laundry, watched a movie, called my Grandma at the rehab place a few times. She's getting better, but (as Mom puts it) her "Lah ti Dah, Surgeon" acts like he's too "spaaaayshul" to go see her in the rehab center and wants her to come to HIS office. If my Grandma can't even go home, how's he expect her to put on a dress and go see him? Some people get so hung up on whoop-ti-doo, like being SOOOO important that they don't consider the feelings of other people. Sounds like he thinks his title of "Surgeon" makes him a big deal.

Well, I have news for him. I have a "Pedigree" that says I'm related to this Champion and that Champion. Mom says that makes me special, but I never EVER say anything about it to anyone except maybe one of the cats (if they make me really mad and say bad words to me). I just want people to remember me for being the nicest and most loving puppy they ever met, and the very best behaved, too! So much that they want to go adopt someone just like me and give them a "forever" home. I want the name "Mary-Margaret O'Brien" to make people feel all warm and fuzzy in their hearts. Mary+Margaret+O'Brien = LOVE. Yup! That's meeeee!

Everly truly yours,


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Freda said...

Hey Mary-Margaret,

Those human vets can be reeeeally a pain, can't they? Luckily my GDad's vet is reeeeally nice and is takin' good care of him. He's doin' fine. Hope your GMom is feelin' better.

Are you related to the big floatin' box O'Brien's? (
) We saw that big box float by in September. It was cooools!