Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SEVEN...count 'em..SEVEN CATS

I can't count, but Mom can. One..two..three...four..."Aaaaack, Mary-Margaret", she says. "There are SEVEN cats out there". So I left a perfectly good and warm diced chicken dinner to go do my job. One big cat, a couple of smaller ones, then some even smaller ones, and one dinky kitty. I tell YOUUUUUU.....the NERVE of them. I chased them off, even the little ones who were clinging to the other side of our wrought iron fence. I went "boo" and they skittered down the slope.

What IS it with these things anyway? Every time I look there are more of them. I feel as if I'm under assault. Terrorists, that's what they are. Mom says she's going to call animal control. She doesn't want them getting run over in the street, and I sure don't want them using MY back yard for their litter box. They don't even COVER their "stuff".




Shannon said...

They must have tried to take over while you were away. Good thing your back now to control the situation a little better.


Anonymous said...

DON'T CALL ANIMAL CONTROL....they will kill them!!! Call some animal rescue place so they can find homes for them....PLEASE....

xoxoxoxo auntie leslie