Monday, October 16, 2006

Who I Met at "Camp"

At least I knew what to expect. No canoe roasting singing around the campfire. Oh gosh, but it was sooooooo fun. Really! First off, it was like Yorkie week. Most of my camp buddies are Yorkies and we will write each other, I just KNOW we will. We shook paws on it. First off, there's Tugboat (a Pug, not a Yorkie), then Bailey, Ernie Crawford, Maxwell, Rocco & Murphy Sullivan, and Sophie & Teddy. Like I said, it was mostly us Yorks.

We all ran on the grass and played (when it wasn't raining). Miss Lois was there to greet me when I got checked in on Friday, and she is one of my very everly so best friends. We hugged and kissed a lot. Then, we ate our dinners (us pups, I mean, not Miss Lois), and like I said - when all the humans went home and it got dark? We told spooky CAT stories. We all had them to tell, but we promised each other to keep them secret. You know?

Mom picked me up about ten o'clock this morning. I tell YOUUUU! I was absolutely so excited to see her I practically FLEW across the room to her. Tons of kisses and hugs for both of us. I think she missed me as much as I did her. You know what? I think a few days apart gives us a much deeper appreciation of each other and our relationship. Don't you?

Still.....I'm hoping that the next time will be a long way off. I really missed my own bed with the silk comforter. I even hopped in it way before bedtime just because I missed the feel of it on my toes.

I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did.

Love, Mary-Margaret "Scary Cat Tales" O'Brien

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Bam-Bam the Pug said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun at "camp". I bet that Tugboat was a real looker.