Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday - I Got Pizza

Pizza for lunch! Oh boy. But Margie and Mom were pretty stingy with stuff. Like I'd get cheese or sausage, but you think I'd get a whole piece? Nope! Mom was afraid it might upset my stomach. I barfed earlier, but nothing of note. Probably some birdseed. I don't seem to digest that very well.

Tonight, I had chicken. My most favorite, don't you know? Sliced and diced on a saucer. Yum!! Then we started to watch a movie about a cheetah. It was called "Duma" and is about an absolutely HUGE kitty that can growl. I liked it fine, but Mom couldn't stand to see the part where the cat chases the ostrich. I didn't mind it. Duma didn't catch the ostrich, but he did find a nest of eggs and that's what the boy and the man had for dinner. Duma had his own egg raw.

OK...let's see. I made lots of new friends today. Even nice Mr. McGill from next door came over and visited a whole lot with me. He really wanted a notary but then I guess I totally charmed him and he didn't want to leave. I have that effect on some people, I'm told. The only problem really was when a lady came in to bring us a service and I was snooping through her purse. I found a nifty piece of paper that just begged to be shredded. Uh oh! It had the defendant's address on it. Fortunately for me our client liked me, and liked putting together jigsaw puzzles. So it all worked out well.

So that's my day. How was yours? Hmmmmmmm??

Love and puppy kisses,

Mary-Margaret "two by four" O'Brien

(PS - I think I'm gaining weight again. I'm more square and solid than ever before. Mom said right to my face "Oh, Mary-Margaret! I think you'll make a good doorstop!". Was that nice of her? I don't think so. But she does tend to kid me a bit. Maybe it was just a joke?)

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We full figured girls get comments like that all the time. Just take it as jealousy.