Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vacation!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!

My first REAL vacation. Ever. On a plane. All the way to Pennsylvania. I am SOOO excited. Ohmygawsh. Like I am having trouble settling down. Even forgot myself and grabbed one of Mom's favorite sandals to munch on. She caught me just as I started some serious gnawing. OW. And then I was into trash..and running amok, every which way. I can't wait to get my WINGS. Did you know I get wings? Really? Like a pilot?

We're going to Pennsylvania. And Margie is taking care of the Bird Family and the house. And's going to be so fun. And we get to stay in a real hotel. And Mom says "the leaves are starting to turn" (whatever that means but it sounds neat, huh? We're just going to kick back and have some quiet time in the Blue Mountains and get in touch with our inner selves (she says).

I'll ask her to take pictures for sharing. I'll miss you all, but Mom's taking the computer and if she can get it to work I'll write in my diary. I hope so.

Anyway, there you know as much as I do. I think I wore myself out with excitement. Going to bed now.

Love, Mary-Margaret "Jet Setter" O'Brien

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