Monday, September 25, 2006

'Tis more blessed to give...

I had a wonderful birthday last week and got lots of presents. A lot of pups don't have a blankie, or even a shirt, to keep them warm. They probably wouldn't even know what a "present" is. I'm pretty lucky, you know?

We were going through my drawers this morning and I had a whole bunch of things that are in brand new condition that I will never wear again. I used to be an extra-small or extra-extra-small when I was a baby. Now I'm just "small". So we gathered up my dresses and shirts and pajamas and gave most of them to the pet hospital to keep their patients warm. Especially the puppies who might kick their blankets off. We also gave them two blankets and we'll be taking even more stuff later.

I also gave Zooey, one of my new friends, a sweater and some dresses. She's only 2.3 pounds and she's seven months old. Her human mom died not too long ago, and Jackie (her daughter) is taking care of her and Jackie's dad now. Zooey (gosh, I hope I spelled that right) needed some clothes, I thought. I hope she likes them. One of the sweaters was my favorite. It was a turtle neck in dusty rose with sequins on it.

I like giving my things to other pups who need them. I think I need to go through some more stuff, maybe my toys, next time. I have waaaay more than I can even play with.

Love you all...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Dee Davis said...

Mary Margaret,you are just the sweetest little girl.
How wonderful of you to think of others the way you do.
You bring joy to alot of pups and people.
Thank you for being you,a wonderful little girl who cares.
Love ya MM Dee

Anonymous said...

oh Mary-Margaret you are so caring and pretty! You are the entire package :)

We give our extra stuff to the shelters here too. It feels really good to be so helpful and nice doesn't it?

Love and Kisses,

Simon and Hallie