Monday, September 18, 2006

JoJo, my Malaysian friend!

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My good friend JoJo just has the very best smile ever, don't you think? Can you tell which one she is?'s the HUGE GRIN ON HER FACE. She is one of my very dearest friends. Check out her blog. She gets to go to Dogathons where she lives. I wish we had Dogathons here in California. I NEVERRRRRR get to do stuff like she does. I just work really hard and guard the house.

I was checking out some of my friends' blogs this morning and every single one of us has written something nice about STEVE IRWIN on our blogs. He was very special to those of us that people refer to as "animals", but Steve Irwin knew differently. He saw us for who we really are. (sniff)



Jojo said...

oh my god, you post me here, I am going to famous!! Arrrhhhoooooooo...

Mary-Margaret said...

Oh gosh, JoJo...and I wasn't even DONE yet. I still had to add your link to my page so other people could visit you, too. You really ARE one of my favorite friends. I hope we can do mud puddles together some day.

Love, Mary-Margaret