Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mom went to a birthday party at Sonia's house today. So guess who got left home? Hmmmmmm??? Yup. That's right. MEEEEEEE! Oh, it was ok. Really. I kind of like the peace and quiet for a change. I catch up on my cat watching and my napping, like I mentioned before. I also get to leisurely open Mom's closet and rearrange her laundry into a comfortable pile to snooze on.

She got back about 3:30 in the afternoon and picked me up. We went to the office and she did some final closings before billing tomorrow. We left about 7:30 as it was getting a little dark out. Then we came home, had our chicken, and watched a movie. I really REALLY liked this movie. It was called "The Shaggy Dog" about a man who finds out just how frustrating a dog's life can be. The prejudices...the stigma. It's unimaginable. That's also a big word from me. I was going to say "unthinkable" but Mom believes in expanding word power, so we do "unimaginable". As if I can pronounce it myself, but I can at least let her figure out how to spell it. I go again. You know, they tried so hard to get me to talk and now they wish I'd just shut up sometimes. Hey...they got what they wished for, right?

I need to get her to take more pictures. She keeps leaving her cell phone camera thing in the car because she says it's so "pretentious". She has a thing about people acting like they are so important they can't be out of touch even for a little bit. Like even in the vegetable section of the supermarket, there are people who are so busy yakking they don't even notice that I'm strapped into a technicolor pouch on my mom's stomach until we're in line at the register. Then they're so surprised to see me. I tell YOUUUUU. Some humans are just in another world.

Her Canon S410 was pretty nifty a few years ago but now it's old fashioned by today's standards. Still, it works pretty well on me and usually when I least expect it. Temporary blindness is the result.

OK....that's enough for tonight. I'm tired and Mom's tired and we have to work again tomorrow. Billing, again!

Oh....I want you all to join paws with me and pray for my Grandma. She got up again last night without waking my Grand Papa to help her and her walker slid out from under her, leaving her to crash on the bathroom floor. This time she broke her left femur (hip) and the doctor will do the same surgery he did a month ago except on the other side.

Mom's pretty upset about this. She had hoped Grandma was on the mend but with this happening she's just so worried about both Grandma and Grandpa. They take good care of each other, you know. Mom's going to try to get to see her on Wednesday. Sonia will be there to look out for our clients, so it might be a good day to visit.

Think happy thoughts for my Grandma, please?

Love, Mary-Margaret

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