Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaack! Seven POINT FIVE!!

(In this picture, I'm waiting for Mom to open my birthday card from Sarabi. She also sent me a gift card to Petsmart which I'll probably use to get a larger size of shirt the way things are going. But thank you, Sarabi, for thinking of me. Maybe if I go on a diet I can get a smaller one?)

Apparently there was a slight error in my "weigh in" last week. The tech said I weighed 6.3 pounds. Oh yay! Well, that joy was short lived. I went to see Dr. V for my health certificate today so I could fly, and she came back into the exam room and told Mom "I don't BELIEVE it!". She said that I now weigh 7.5 pounds. AND....ohhhh.....I'm so upset! She said I was CHUNKY around the middle. Then she tried to gloss it over by saying it's probably baby fat.

Oh oh oh...and THEN? And Then? She told Mom that (and I quote) "It wouldn't hurt either of you to take a 30 minute walk every day!". Oh boy! So when Mom's eyes bugged out, Dr. V said it would "be ok if you break it up into two 15 minutes walks". So I'm now to cut back on the size of my dinner, eat more kibble (yuck!), and exercise at an "aerobic level" for 30 minutes every day. And cut back the on "ice cream" (Frosty Paws). (sigh)

Did I ever mention how come I love my Dr. V so much? It's because she tells it as it is. And I do NOT want to have to give away a whole 'nuther wardrobe of clothes just because I'm too "chunky" to wear them. Nuh uh! Not me. I will get that Mom of mine to go for walks if it kills me. It'll just be something else we can do together, I'll say. Think she'll buy it?

Love, Mary-Margaret "Bubble Butt" O'Brien


Sarabi said...

Don't worry, Mary-Margaret, I know the feeling. My vet is always telling Mum I need to lose a couple of pounds and recently she even put on some 'weight management' dog food. I tell you! Mind you it's actually pretty good, believe it or not! Mum and I walk every day for about 20 minutes and Dad has just started walking with us because he wants to lose about 60 pounds. Can you imagine that? The couple of pounds I need to lose seems quite reasonable really, relatively speaking, don't you think?.
Your 'weight watcher' buddy

Dachsies Rule said...


We can't believe that you might have a weight problem, you carry yourself so well. You must know the right clothes to wear. But, really, you can't possibly have an issue with your weight. You are so full of energy you burn everything right off.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy