Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sharing with you....

...About The Dog. And boy, is this a really GOOD set of rules that ALL HUMANS SHOULD LIVE BY, in my humble opinion.

I got to go to McDONAAAAAAAALD's today again. And they remembered me from last time, so no bun. Except there was still sauce and pickles that Mom had to take off before she cut it up for me in my little plastic dish that they gave me. I got so excited about my very own McDonald's bag that the man in the truck next to us on the way back just started laughing and laughing. So Mom held up the McDonald's bag so he'd understand why I was dancing in my car seat. I do that when we get McDonaaaaaald's. I JUST LOVE THEM!!

Have a really great day, y'all! (I have an auntie from Texas and I like the way she talks!) :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Hi friend Mary-Margaret! Guess what? We got to go to McDonaaaaaaald's too and we got cheeseburgers! Don't we have the best mommies in the world?

Hugs and kisses to you pretty girl~

Simon and Hallie