Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tissue, or NOT Tissue.....

...that is the question. I think Shakespeare said that well. Although he probably wasn't seeing how long the roll really was. I grabbed the little piece hanging down and decided to measure. Here's how far it went before it stopped. Looking back at the toilet paper holder I could see where it was glued and I got all I could. It only stretched part ways through the bathroom.

Here's me after getting first yelled at and then laughed at. I mean, GOSH!! I was just having some fun and she was going to have to put a new roll on anyway. Better she replace it NOW than when it might really need replacing and I wasn't around to fetch it for her. I do try to help, you know?? Really, I do.

I babysat myself today while Mom and Auntie Colleen when to a lunch meeting. I was VERY good. Make that "VERY VERY VERY" good. Mom was gone for maybe a whole 5 1/2 hours, but I remembered my lessons. She came back just like she said, and then we went to work. I don't mind being left so much anymore. I take advantage of the time to 1) watch out the front window for cats, 2) nap, 3) watch for more cats and 4) Take another nap. I make very good use of the time.

G'night for now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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