Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nekkid No More

(Here's me taking a sunbath this afternoon)
Mom got up pretty early this morning, before the sun was even all the way up, and went outside in her bare feet to look for my "clothes". I've got a pretty big back yard, like maybe the whole lot with the house is almost 1/4 acre, and the grass was wet, and it was (according to Mom, the wuss!) absolutely freezing. Me? I'm at my comfort level, but I digress (as usual).
After hunting all over, including the side slope, she comes back in the house and tries to remember everywhere I was last night. Then it hits her. "Oy!!!", and she slaps her forehead. She only uses words like "Oy" when she can't bring herself to say "Duuuuuhhh!". Just before my last "out" before bed I leaped off the back of the brown leather chair (where you now see me relaxing and watching QVC) and there it was. Right at the very bottom of the back next to the book case.

So I am again wearing my beloved St. Francis of Assisi medallion, my rabies tag, my identification tag, and my AKC tag on my dark pink collar. I hate to think what I'll weigh once I finally get my license tag, but we'll probably do that next Saturday. Just in case this happens again, I'm also wearing ANOTHER identification tag attached to my light pink collar, which I'm ALSO wearing. Remember, I like to layer my outfits? Tres chic, non??

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Some of Mom's friends ask her how she gets me to sit still for a picture. I have to tell you that she took 30 shots of me on the leather chair just to get one to share with you. I really REALLY hate flashbulbs!

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