Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My good friend, Cathleen

Yesterday we went to Mom's "esthetician". Boy, that's a mouthful. She gets a facial every four weeks to keep her skin clean and glowing. Sometimes her eyebrows wander off to other places on her face, like her chin and her upper lip, so she gets those waxed. "Ouch!", she says. I'm very good when I'm there. Me and Miss Cathleen have an understanding. I agree to sit on the stool and just watch and she agrees to bring me water whenever I ask for it.

A puppy gets very thirsty just sitting there, especially during that oxy-mist treatment. I asked very nicely a couple of times, and after a while I figure if no one does anything it's up to MEEE to take action. I hopped off the stool and started checking various avenues to get to Mom (who by this time was practically asleep and snoring ever so daintily). I got back on my stool all by myself. Then I triangulated the distance between the stool, the table where Mom was, and the floor. It took one try and bingo....I was there. Right on her stomach. "Ooof!", she said. I walked down her legs, then back up to her chin, and then I started licking her hands.

She mumbled to Miss Cathleen "I think she wants water", and drifted off again. Miss Cathleen said she didn't give me any earlier because I alway flip my bowl after a couple of slurps and get it all over (which is sooo much fun, by the way!), but that she'd hold the bowl for me. I tell YOUUUUUUU....I was absolutely DYING there. I drank and drank. Then I curled up on my stool again and relaxed. There is some Celtic harp music playing in the background while Mom gets her pampering done. I might mention the music part to Miss Marilyn, my personal stylist, when I see her on Friday.

Miss Cathleen is everly so good to me. Mom says she has the patience of a saint for putting up with me. Hmmmph! It's not like I was pilfering her supplies like I could have if I really wanted. I was simply communicating a need in my own special way. Humans aren't mind readers, you know. There are times one absolutely has to come right out and tell them what you want to keep things on an even keel. Like my mom says, it's better to be up front and open about things instead of always trying to guess what someone really means or wants from you.

PS - Don't tell Mom about the chin hairs part. It might embarrass her. Although when ladies get older those things just happen. Heck, I'm just a baby and already I have hairs in more places I care to mention.

Have a happy day!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS again - Mom's friend, Margie, helped us out at work today and she says I'm spoiled just because I'm allowed to freely express myself. She tried to get me to "heel" while I was on a leash. Imagine that! Me? Heel? I don't THEEEENK so. Someone has to lead the way and it might as well be MEEEEEE! mmob

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