Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leashless in Temecula!!

Hee heeeeeeeeeee! at last! I tell you...the minute I realized that the leash latch didn't close all the way on my shocking pink collar, I took off like a shot. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Ohmygawsh. I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack. She started yelling "Mary-Margaret. Nooooooo!". Well, we know how I feel about orders, so I kept on going. All the way down the parking lot, past our building, past the next one and then I started to turn up the ramp into Starbucks. They know me there.

That didn't work out as planned. Mom stayed right where she was and said "Oh, FINE! Go on. I'm going to work. You want to see Sonia?". And then she disappeared. Hold on here, I said. So I stopped and I didn't see her. Then I heard her say "I'm going to work, Mary-Margaret. Bye bye!", and I figured what's the sense of running into Starbucks by myself? That's no fun, and I don't have any money anyway. So I raced over to our building, ran up the stairs and skidded to a stop just as the elevator opened. Whew!! I scooted inside and rode up without a fuss. "Good girl", Mom said. "Now, let's go see Sonia!". thinking about it...I wonder if she'd really leave me? You think? Or was she just playing with me? I don't think I want to find out, actually. I'm rather happy with my life just as it is. Maybe Mom learned something from me today, though. I really DO love her and she needs to trust me. Really, she does!

Everly yours truly,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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