Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Thank you all soooooo much. First thing this morning Mom sang to me (before she brushed her teeth...eeyeww?!) and she sang FOUR times. I got tummy kisses and then we read my email. Oh gosh, you are all so wonderful to send ME wishes and cards and stuff. I really love you guys. Really I do. Mom wants me to tell you that I sat in her arms and just watched and watched the monitor while she either read my emails or played the cards.

Later, I think I'm having a party at my work. I was with Mom when she ordered my cake. I don't think I get to eat it, but maybe I can blow out my candle with some help. But for eating and treats, we went to Pacific Pets in Temecula. I got some chocolate squirrels, a cannoli, some doggie candy that looks like M&M's (naturally), some rawhide stuff. That's for my doggie pals that work on the 3rd floor with me. The chocolate is carob and the "frosting" is made with yogurt. There is a whole bakery full of doggie goodies there. No hats left though, because they sold all their party packs. Which is just fine with me, actually. Must be a big month for doggie birthdays.

Wow! This is my absolutely best birthday ever. OK...it's my ONLY birthday ever, but if the other ones are even half as nice I'll be happy.

Hugs and puppy kisses to you all!!

Mary-Margaret "1 YEAR OLD" O'Brien


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your cake and all the special kisses you are gonna get from your mommy!

Love, Simon and Hallie

The Army of Four said...

Yappy birthday, Mary Margaret!
Hey - we tag you for your birthday! List 5 things that make a great doggy friend!
Tail wags! The Army of Four

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! MMO'B!!

How exciting for you. Hope your birthday goes as well as your birth morning!

Hope the next several birthdays are as wonderful too!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mary-Margaret!!!!!!

You are my role model ;)

Love, Sara

Anonymous said...

We have a special message for you on our blog :)


Tigersan said...

Me haven't been on the blogs much this past week, so me catching up now...

Happy (belated) B Day :)