Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lake Wynonah

Oh my gosh! I went to the most bee-yoo-ti-full place today. Lake Wynonah. There are two lakes, and lots of trees, and hills, and I met my very first squirrel. Later on we were driving around and I saw a squished squirrel. I hope it wasn't my new friend.

Mom bought a lot there last year and she decided we ought to get her a membership identification card. Ohhhh...guess what?? Guess WHAAAT??? I got one TOOOOOOOOO! It has my whole name "Mary-Margaret O'Brien" and it says "MEMBER" on it. The lady named Sue who took my picture decided she was glad she had a digital camera because I wiggled so much. She made an extra ID card for her "pet wall". There are ooodles and kabooodles of other pups and even CATS with their own membership cards, too. I think it's kewl. Mom sort of lifted an eyebrow and hinted that maybe it was in case someone lost a dog or something. I'd prefer to think that I am really and truly a "MEMBER".

Mom also put an offer on another house. Just for fixing up and for vacations. Heck, I don't care just as long as I get to go sniff all those trees... rocks... moss... trees. You know, this tree-sniffing project could take a really long time. The Blue Mountains are absolutely COVERED with gazillions of trees.

We won't know if the seller will take our offer for a couple of days. I have my paws crossed, though. Mom is hoping too.

Say a prayer for us, please?? Golly, I hope Mom can figure out how to upload the photos she took. Maybe tomorrow. She says she's too tired today.

Love, Mary-Margaret "The Member" O'Brien


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Wow, M-M - you are a "member", I am SO jealous ! Good luck on getting the house - we have all our paws crossed for you and your mum.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary-Margaret you are such a glamorous jet-setter! You are very lucky to get to travel on a plane. We travel in the car a lot and it's oh so much fun to meet new people.

Guess what? We had our mama look and that pretty place you were at today is only 4 hours from us! Maybe we can have a playdate someday.

We will say a special prayer that you get your house. Love you friend~Simon & Hallie

MJ's doghouse said...

congrats mary margaret on being a member...that is a very important title...MEMBER MARY MARGARET...does it come with some sort of pay check...extra treats you get a MEMBer jacket...oh you are so lucky...I am sooooooo going to make mommy find a place i can be a member too...