Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ohhhh. I ate too much yesterday and all the excitement was more than my poor tummy could handle. About 7:30 last night ...oh, I couldn't help it..I had really awful gas. Poor Mom kept saying "PEEE-YEEW, Mary-Margaret. Want to go OUT?", but honestly I didn't. I just laid there hoping I'd feel better.

Finally, I went into my bathroom and took care of the problem on my piddle pad. Ohhhhh.....I felt AWFUL. I got up a couple more times at night and didn't want to get back all the way onto the bed, so I crawled into a corner to snooze in between dashes to the bathroom.

I wasn't allowed to have any cake or chocolate or anything bad, so I figure it was the quantity combined with the butterflies in my tummy about having such a great party. This morning, I woke up late, still a bit tired. I felt fine though. The problem seems to have passed (pardon the pun).

Thank you all again for a wonderful birthday. You guys are the BEST!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret


Anonymous said...

It was probably the rawhide dim sum I sent her. I just can't win.

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Auntie Vicki - I KNOW you sent me lots of goodies, but what the heck is "dim sum"?? Oh...I it like "I ate everything in sight and "dim sum"??

(hee hee)

I love you!