Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday is Bird Day

Me 'n Mom cleaned the bird cage today. Since I'm almost ONE YEAR OLD I don't dive into the bird dropping and shredded paper trash bag any more. Sometimes it's really hard not to and Mom had to remind me, but I am strong. I use my will power and just watch. Oh gosh, it's hard, though. I tell you, the smells that come from that bag just beg to be sniffed and explored. But I am a BIG girl now, and shouldn't even think of such things.

We did some laundry, I cleared the back yard of cats once again, and then we went to the office and finished up the billing. Mom says it was one of the smoothest billings she's done in a long long time. Not hardly any mistakes at all, so she breezed through it. Then we went to Albertson's. It was pretty hot today so I got put into my neon puppy pouch and got to go inside. I'm practically a regular there. Everybody knows me.

I get to meet lots of new people. It must be my smile or something, because just about everyone who sees me wants to talk to me, and then they tell Mom all about their pups. One lady today was admiring my front carrier and Mom was telling her how it was too hot to leave me in the car but normally she would, you know? So the lady blushed and said, "Oh, I think it's wonderful. You know, I have two miniature chihuahuas and they even have their own STROLLER". I bit my tongue and rolled my eyes and thought everly so hard "Puleeeze...don't give her any more ideas!". I really think being in the pouch is kewl, but a stroller? I am practically ONE YEAR OLD....everly too old for a stroller, don't you think??

Good night for now....sweet dreams, everyone.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


mynameisboo said...

you are so calm towards the birds! i haven't encounter one yet so i can't tell whether i'll kill it immediately!

licky wet wet licks


Jojo said...

haha almost 1 yr old.. what is your birthday wishes...?

Sunshade said...

HI Mary Margaret, did you know that you were adopted by your mom on my birthday?? And that we have the same template for our blogs? And obviously, we are both "terriers"!!

Nice to meet you! Come and vote for me for the Awesome Dog Blog Award if you got a chance ok??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

ranger said...

oh boy! bird poop? sounds yummy! you are a good doggie.