Saturday, January 06, 2007

Vote for Mary-Margaret!!

VOTE FOR MARY-MARGARET "A bone in every doghouse - A chicken in every bowl". This is everly SOOO exciting. I know there's other pups with a gazillion votes and I probably won't win. But still.....oh, the fun, the parties, the campaign!! This is AMERICA!!

I'm working on a campaign slogan. So far, all I've got is the one above. If you all can think of any others, please PLEASE send them to me. Thank you to all my friends for your votes. Now we need to get out and get all YOUR friends to vote, too. And their friends. And if we have any friends left, then those too!!

We may not win, but we'll show the canines of America that us Yorkies and our pals, when all put together, have a pretty BIG!

A vote for me says "Democracy"!!

Please excuse me, but I need to get out and kiss some puppies and shake some paws. Have a great day, everybody!!



Anonymous said...

Please be more positive, Mary Margaret! Don't allow any even slightly negative thought into your pretty head! You're a winner!

Oscar said...

Here's a campaign slogan: "vote Mary-Margaret for a sophisticated and cultured dog society."

I'm in the contest too. I voted for you! Good luck!