Monday, January 01, 2007

The "Remote"

When I want to go to bed and Mom doesn't, I just grab the remote. Sometimes I can hit it just so that the channels change. If that doesn't work, I chomp down on it and cause strange things to happen on the TV. If I REALLY want attention, I grab it and run off.

Just a little something I thought I'd share this fine New Year's Day.




Anonymous said...

Hmmm...miss Mary-Margaret. I do believe we would get a long quite well.

Auntie Dee said...

Hi Mary Margaret,
Just want to wish you and your mom the best the New Year has to give..
Auntie Dee

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily do the "remote" thing, I just like your attitude. You go to great lengths to get your Mommy's attention. Sometimes, you gotta go what a dog's gotta do!